about me

about me

He is living in Istanbul and Almaty.
For a unique frame, he could set fire to a medieval castle, drag models into a madhouse, make a star to undress. Stars of show business dreams take off his covers for their albums, while photographing the cost sometimes very expensive.
Vaga Mailov — fashion,beauty — photographer. Behind a higher musical education.
Vaga — the photographer, not because it is interested in all my life, but because he went to the nature of the unique gift — to see the pictures
More than seven years he gave up commercial photography, improving the style and constantly experimenting with the stars of show business.
VAGAART created his own style, which is called the glamor, just beauty
He continues to strongly engage in promoting its own name, almost creating a brand VAGAART
He bought works such prestigious brands like L’Officiel and L’Officiel hommes, Selective Profesional, Gieseke International Cosmetic Schawarzkopf, Playboy
He just does beautiful work, it was beautiful. Therefore, its photo shoot and fascinate. You can enjoy long every detail, so professionally and with taste, they are made. His work — sensual and heartfelt, without any implication. Do not look for subtext — it’s just beautiful.



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